The 2019 Savory Rhubarb Contest

Lenox chefs go head to head to create the tastiest savory rhubarb dish.

How It Works

The Contest runs from 11 to 1, or when the first entry runs out of food.

Set-up is at 10:30.

Visitors buy a spoon for $5 and try a sample of each entry (spoon sales defray tent costs).

Visitors then vote for their favorite Savory Rhubarb dish with their spoon. The winner will be announced as soon as we count the spoons.

What’s In It For You

Lots of Good Will – the Festival is about highlighting Lenox businesses and we will do our best to highlight yours. We will list you on our website and link back to your site. We will publicize you on Facebook, and in all of our press releases and other marketing materials.

The Berkshire Eagle has listed the Contest participants in past years, and we will work with them to do it again this year. We will also work with them to publish the winner’s name and the winning recipe (assuming you share it with us).

What You Provide

Sixteen quarts or 250 two-ounce servings of the savory rhubarb dish of your choice.

You must provide a list of ingredients (required because of potential food allergies).

You also need to bring a sterno chaffing dish, if needed, as there is no nearby electricity.

Last but not least, you need a person to serve your dish.

Visitors often ask for the recipes – if you provide one, we will make it available on our website.

What We Provide

Lots of Visitors! We also provide spoons, bowls and napkins for the visitors, and a ladle for you (if you need tongs or some other special serving implement, please bring them).

An 8½ x 11” frame displaying your Restaurant name and logo, and space for any Restaurant materials you would like to distribute (business cards, menus, the recipe, etc.)

Space is limited, so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to participate.

Download Notice of Participation (Please email or mail it back to us)

Please Note

There is no fee to participate in the Savory Rhubarb Contest. However, you will need a Special Event (Food Service) Permit from the Tri-Town Health Department. You can get more information at their website.