Your Participation is Key

Our Mission

Bring people to Lenox and encourage them to visit Lenox businesses and restaurants by making the Lenox Rhubarb Festival a town-wide event.

What We Need

Your participation! That’s it. It’s easy and fun.

Join us as Rhubarb takes over scenic Lenox, Massachusetts.

What’s In It For You?

Besides a warm fuzzy feeling from helping your town?

Our goal is more customers for you on an off weekend.

We will publicize your participation on our website (and link back to yours) and on Facebook; include you in all of our press releases; and list you as a participating business in the Rhubarb Directory to be distributed at the Festival.

What You Can Do

There are several ways for you to participate. Pick one or do all of them, but at the very least, we hope you will pick #1:

1.         Put something Rhubarb on your menu.

Let your chef dream up a fantastic appetizer, entrée, or dessert (or all three), mix up a rhubarb cocktail, or stock up on rhubarb beer (yes, that’s a thing). Serve rhubarb on Saturday, the whole weekend or the whole week – it’s up to you.

2.         Compete in the Savory Rhubarb Contest.

Let your chef match culinary skills against other Lenox chefs by entering our Savory Rhubarb Contest. Click here for details.

Make money while helping to build an annual Lenox event that benefits you:

3.         Sell Strawberry-Rhubarb Pies.

Be a Pie Vendor* for the day and sell your take on that rhubarb classic at the main Festival at Reading Park from 9 to 2.

Please Note: Our long-term goal is to have only Lenox businesses at the Festival, but we also need vendors to sell 500-750 pies. If you would commit to sell some pies, that would be one less vendor needed from outside Lenox.

4.         Sell something else at the Festival.

Being a Vendor* at Reading Park doesn’t mean just selling pies. Think cookies, chili, brats with rhubarb salsa, or even rhubarb tacos (a very popular item at the 2018 Festival). The sky’s the limit, so long as what you are selling contains rhubarb.

Please let us know if you will participate so we can spread the word.

Download Notice of Participation (Please email or mail it back to us)

Please Note

If you are selling or serving food at the Festival you may need a Special Event (Food Service) Permit from the Tri-Town Health Department.

You can get more information at their website.

* There is a Vendor Fee for space at the main Festival in Reading Park. Click here for details.