Rhubarb Chili Contest

Saturday, June 11, 2017, Reading Park

The Rhubarb Chili Contest shines a spotlight on Lenox restaurant chefs. Their creations demonstrate ways to include nutritious and delicious rhubarb in savory cooking. Rhubarb, with its tart and tangy flavor, makes a great addition to chili.   

Lenox restaurant chefs take Rhubarb Chili to a whole new level.

Buy a spoon for $5, and get a taste of all the entries (while supplies last). Use your spoon to vote for your favorite. Best Rhubarb Chili will be announced at the end of the contest.

We will announce which chefs will be participating in the 2017 Contest shortly. We're looking forward to tasting the creations they come up with next year! In the meantime, check out the the following Lenox restaurants that participated in the 2016 contest:

Rhubarb Chili is easy to make. Just add rhubarb to your favorite chili recipe. You can also add rhubarb to other savory dishes along with spices, meats and legumes. We hope this Rhubarb Chili Contest will inspire your own culinary creativity. For a start, check out these recipes from past Chili Contests:

Haven Café's Rhubarb Chicken Chili

Kripalu's Black Bean & Rhubarb Chili (Vegetarian)